Basic Internet Security Tips

I hope you are enjoying your new computer skills.  Perhaps you are overwhelmed, which is perfectly fine.  Don’t give up!  You can do it!  I have faith in you!

Pep talk over.  Now back to your regularly scheduled lesson…

Let’s talk about Basic Internet Security.  This is what I feel is the most important lesson I can teach you.  I want you to be safe.  I hate the bad guys.  Grrr…  They make my blood boil when I hear what happens to people who are innocently traveling the Internet.  I can’t fathom why they do it.  I’m too good natured to understand an evil heart.

Now don’t run away!  I’m not trying to scare you away.  With some basic tips you can protect yourself.

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Piloting with the Number Pad

In my travels through the world of computers I have come across many people who don’t take advantage of the number Pad on the right side of their computer’s keyboard.  Whether you are balancing your checkbook using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft’s Excel or entering a phone number into Google to find out who had the nerve to disturb your dinner, the Number Pad is a handy tool.

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Using Facebook Can Be Dangerous

Don’t get me wrong.  Facebook holds a wealth of information (both useful and useless).  You can find long lost friends.  You can join groups where people with interests similar to yours hang out and chat, swapping things like recipes and crochet patterns.  You can stay informed about what your grandchildren are doing.

I love Facebook.  It’s where I can regularly find the latest news on my favorite Japanese anime or ideas for a new crochet pattern.  I also use it as the main way to chat with my mother since I hate talking on the telephone.

But there is an evil that lies within Facebook that some people seem to either purposefully ignore or they are unaware of the damage that can be done.

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The Case of the Weak Password

It’s a dark and stormy night in the Land of Internet Bad Guys.  His harried face is the only thing seen in the darkened room as the soft glow of the monitor shines on him.  “I’ll give it one more try.  The Boss Man wants those credit card numbers real bad.”  A few more clicks and… “Bingo!”  He sniggers, “Ol’ Granny won’t know what hit her!  I have it all!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!”  His evil laughter echoes through the empty room of his miniscule apartment.

All the while you have been sleeping peacefully, unaware of what will greet you in the morning.

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Email (Part 3): Using More Than One Email Address

When you sign up with an Internet Provider, you will be asked to set up an email account.  This will be your main account with that company.  However, you are not limited to just that one email address.

As I talked of in the first post about emails, it is a good idea to have your permanent email address with a third party to avoid issues that would arise should you change internet providers.  Do you remember that I also suggested you try a few email providers to see if there is one you prefer over another?  This is where those email addresses might come in handy so you can use them rather than throw them in the proverbial trash.

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Understanding Operating Systems

Operating systems (commonly shortened to OS) are an important consideration when choosing a new computer.  The OS tells your computer what to do and how to do it efficiently.  An operating system is a piece of software that tells the hardware and other software how to interact with each other.

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